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Primary Care Visit

Disease prevention, screenings, diagnosis, and treatment of common illness

  • Cleburne, TX|Lancaster, TX|Benbrook, TX|Azle, TX

Service Description

Primary care is about you and your health. Your care team helps you address immediate and long-term health concerns. They will provide routine screenings, treat issues and help coordinate specialist care as needed. What types of issues can a primary care provider help me address? Your primary care provider can address current health issues, support you in reaching health goals, make sure you complete important health screenings and help you stay up-to-date with your vaccines. Why do I need a primary care provider? Even if you feel healthy, your primary care provider can help you identify issues earlier, when they may be easier to address. They also help you treat issues and plan for a lifetime of good health. How do I choose a primary care provider? The most important thing in finding the right long-term provider is finding someone you trust. Check reviews and consider what would make you feel comfortable sharing your health information. What should I discuss with my primary care provider? You should consider discussing anything health-related that is concerning or unusual, your family and health history, any health goals you'd like to achieve and your current mental wellbeing. How often should I see my primary care provider? It is recommended that everyone see their provider once a year for an annual exam to assess overall health. You may also see your provider for new health issues, or as a follow up when needed.

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