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DOT Physicals FAQs

DOT Physicals FAQs

If you or a loved one requires a DOT physical for their work there may be a few questions you have about them. Some of the most common questions will be outlined below, but if you want to know more about DOT physicals you can reach out to your local health professionals of Urgent Care TX in Lancaster and Cleburne, TX.

What Is a DOT Physical?

The Department of Transportation, or DOT, requires those who drive commercial vehicles to be regularly examined for potential physical problems that could impair their ability to safely be on the road. It protects you and every other driver by making sure everyone is healthy enough to drive.

Who Needs to Undergo a DOT Physical?

From truckers to professional bus drivers to anyone driving what's considered a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) may be required to undergo a DOT physical. Your employer may also require it depending on local jurisdictions.

What Types of Tests to Expect?

The tests involved include vision, hearing, blood pressure, and urinalysis, besides the physical examination.

If you require either prescription glasses or hearing aids it's important to bring them into the office. You'll need to have 20/40 vision with or without correction and be able to hear what's termed as a forced whisper from about five feet away in the same way.

Blood pressure and pulse rate tests are also performed to make sure you are healthy enough to sit for hours at a time.

Other tests, including your physical examination, are also aimed at checking that there are no problems that require immediate attention.

What to Bring?

Besides your glasses and hearing aids, it's important also to bring verification of all prescription drugs you're taking, as well as documentation from your doctor clearing you to work if you do suffer from a disability.

DOT physicals in Lancaster and Cleburne, TX

To schedule a DOT physical in Lancaster and Cleburne, TX, you can make an appointment with Urgent Care TX by dialing (682) 317-1500.

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