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Workman’s Comp Treatment and Care

If you’re suffering from an illness or injury that may be covered under workman’s comp, it is immensely vital that you take the necessary steps when you seek medical care and treatment. Obtaining the proper care is crucial to your recovery, maximizing your workman’s comp benefits, and ensuring that you are compensated properly for your condition.

Here at Urgent Care TX, we have extensive experience in treating workman’s comp injuries in our Lancaster, TX, and Cleburne, TX, locations, so you can rest assured that you won’t run into any issues when filing your workman’s comp claim.

Workman’s Compensation: When to Seek Treatment for a Workplace Injury

You need to get treatment immediately following an illness or injury, even if you think that it’s minor. Seeking urgent treatment serves two very crucial purposes. One, prompt treatment increases the chances of faster recovery. Two, the closer the time to your illness or injury that obtain treatment, the fewer chances that your employer or your employer’s insurer can argue that your condition is not related or because of your work.

Regardless of how inconsequential or minor your symptoms may be, don’t downplay the severity of your condition or just tough it out. This could impede or delay your recovery and negatively impact the scope of medical treatment approved under worker’s compensation laws and/or the amount of workman’s comp benefits you’ll be eligible to receive.

Workman’s Comp Injuries: What to Tell Your Doctor

Even with all the advance diagnostic tools that our doctors use for diagnosing workman’s comp injuries in our Lancaster, TX, and Cleburne, TX, locations, they still rely on patients to inform them of their specific symptoms and the severity of the symptoms. This particularly applies to soft tissue injuries, which don’t involve bones and typically can’t be confirmed via imaging devices such as x-rays.

Likewise, since some injuries and illnesses could be subjective in nature, it is vital that you communicate exactly what you are feeling. Do not downplay your symptoms, but don’t exaggerate either, since experienced doctors will know whether what you’re saying is true or not.

Tell your doctor each and every one of your symptoms, no matter how fleeting or minor they seem. Remember that your doctor is the medical specialist, so it’s up to them to decide which symptoms are relevant to your case. Besides, certain symptoms that seem inconsequential now might develop into a more serious issue later on.

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